IoT Gateways:

    Powerful Connectivity, Redefined

    Easy access and scalability are essential to an effective Internet of Things solution, and the SNAPconnect Gateway products provide a solid foundation for connectivity and growth. Each gateway combines a Linux-based PC with an embedded SNAP node that can bridge your SNAP network to TCP/IP networks and the internet. A SNAPconnect Gateway  provides an ideal solution to support the development of an IoT application, enabling you to remotely monitor, control, and administer your SNAP network.

    When you integrate the SNAPconnect Gateways into your IoT environment, you gain easy access to the cloud and its storage capacity.  The IoT gateway also performs tasks that may be more processor and/or memory intensive than what is possible at the node level.

    Experience the flexibility of an open, Linux-based design that can support multiple connectivity options including uSD Card, built-in Ethernet, serial and USB 2.0 host ports. This means you can incorporate other mediums such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi via an attached USB device when using a SNAPconnect Gateway.

    Whether you’re looking for a bridge to the internet, or multiple pre-processing points for thousands of connected nodes, the SNAPconnect Gateway products have you covered. 




    With new or existing IoT mesh networks




    Data from multiple sensors and nodes




    To IoT platforms and alert systems





    SNAPconnect E12

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    SNAPconnect E20 

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    Metal Wall Mount
    Metal Wall Mount, DIN Rail


    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


    ARM Cortex-A8, 1 GHz (TI Sitara)
    ARM Cortex-A9, 800MHz (Freescale iMX6-S)


    4 GB




    10/100M Ethernet
    SNAP Mesh
    10/100M Ethernet
    SNAP Mesh





    1 micro - USB
    1 micro - USB


    Industrial (-40C to +70C)
    Industrial (-40C to +70C)


    8.4cm x 7cm x 2.2cm
    16cm x 10.8cm x 3.52cm

     Power Input

    12-24V DC (Terminal Block)
    12-24V DC (Terminal Block)
    Barrel Connector for AC (Adapter Sold Separately)

     Storage Expansion

    Micro SD
    Micro SD


    2 Dual Color LEDs
    4 User Controlled LEDs
    1 Button (User Controlled)
     3 Tri-Color LEDs 
    1 Power LED
    3 Buttons (User Controlled)