OPTIMIZE your LED lighting system by adding SimplySNAP, the reliable wireless smart lighting control solution that just works. SimplySNAP allows you to reduce your energy footprint, lower operational costs and realize improved control capability. With no recurring service and maintenance fees, SimplySNAP provides a meaningful ROI with a short pay-back period.

Simple Commissioning

When it's time for your lights to come on, you want them to just work. SimplySNAP is built on the reliable network foundation provided by SNAP: the Things Platform. This strong foundation offers easy-to-use tools to get your lighting network up and running along with powerful troubleshooting capabilities to quickly identify and address problems with the wireless mesh network

Powered by innovative features and tools, such as auto-discovery and a dedicated mobile commissioning application, SimplySNAP reduces the commissioning time for systems of all sizes - taking what may have required many hours to complete in the past, down to just minutes now.

A Reliable Network

Lighting control and automation requirements are getting more complex.  That is why it is important to have a lighting control solution that responds to more than ‘time of day’ behavior updates and provides more than ‘on/off’ functionality at the luminaire.

SimplySNAP stands above the pack by providing the features needed for today’s advanced controls environment while maintaining an uncomplicated network infrastructure that doesn’t require a large, expensive server or hefty fees for software and maintenance support.

ROI and Payback

SimplySNAP site controllers operate independently of any large, expensive servers, and we don't burden you with hefty maintenance and service fees. This reduces the total cost of ownership for your smart lighting control solution and drives additional business value.

Through advanced scheduling, task-tuning, trimming capabilities, and other lighting control system features, SimplySNAP helps drive energy costs lower, optimizing the savings beyond what can be achieved through LED upgrades alone and shortening the payback period.