Smart Lighting

    Smart Lighting is more than just turning lights on or off without physically touching a switch. Smart lighting is installing wireless, intelligent controllers that not only turn lights on, off and support dimming, but also provide advanced control functionality and can serve as the foundation of emerging IoT applications. SimplySNAP bundles these capabilities in a reliable, simple-to-use lighting system that enhances energy efficiency, optimizes ROI, and complies with industry regulatory trends. Read more about the benefits of SimplySNAP below. 



    Whether you need to control light fixtures placed inside or out, the fixture agnostic design of the SimplySNAP compatible controllers make it easy to install for both new construction and retrofit applications. Once installed, your wireless lighting control solution can then serve as the foundation for your smart, connected infrastructure.



    Did you add more parking space or construct another building? With SimplySNAP, it is easy to scale your application using the SS400 series gateways. Over-the-air upgrades ensure all components of your lighting system have the latest features and functionality.



    Industry trends show energy efficient lighting systems are here to stay. Regulatory incentives and mandates are on the rise, driving more specifiers and facilities managers to incorporate smart lighting as part of their lighting system upgrades.



    Lower energy expenses, longer lasting LEDs and accelerated ROI - that is what you can expect when your lighting system uses the SimplySNAP Smart Lighting Solution. More than just a lighting controls system, it is a wireless solution that requires no internet or stand alone server.