INTEGRATE SimplySNAP, the award-winning wireless lighting control solution from Synapse, into your facility or site lighting project and experience customized control and boosted savings from lighting controls. SimplySNAP is a complete lighting control solution that is adaptable to different installation environments and is easily upgradeable to meet your current and future needs.

Unify Your Controls

Don’t be forced to choose a different lighting control solutions for interior applications and exterior deployments. With SimplySNAP, you can unify your lighting network under a single, user-friendly user interface.

With a diverse selection of lighting controller hardware platforms, you can choose the one that best fits your application. Just choose the type of lighting controller hardware you need — including options for embedding directly into the luminaire all the way to simple-to-install 7-pin NEMA twist-lock controllers — and leave it to SimplySNAP to provide the customized control for your facility.



Adaptable Deployment

With SimplySNAP, lighting controllers installed today can integrate with SimplySNAP enabled controllers installed in the future. That means you don’t have to worry about how to add lights to your control system later on.

You can start with the high-bay facility lights today and expand to the parking lot lights tomorrow. Only SimplySNAP can give you control indoors, outdoors, today and into the future via one smart lighting control solution. Plus, multiple deployment models give you lighting control when you need it, where you need it, for both local and remote locations.



Combine Your Applications

As the Internet of Things gains traction in commercial and industrial applications, you can utilize your SimplySNAP lighting network as the foundation for smart, connected infrastructure.

By leveraging the web-services REST API designed within SimplySNAP, you can deliver simple integration options of the lighting network into automation and control systems at your facility, and ultimately tie into IoT cloud platforms and solutions.