EXPAND your control from a single location to multiple cloud-accessible locations using our site-based, no internet required solution. SimplySNAP provides a wireless mesh networking architecture ready to support emerging IoT applications and supports important software updates with the latest security patches and new features.  

Software Upgrades

Based on SNAP: the Things Platform, SimplySNAP streamlines the upgrade process by providing over-the-air upgrades of all the lighting controllers in the system. The power built in to SNAP's neighbor-to-neighbor upgrade capability ensures quick updates with minimal down-time, and that no lighting controllers miss the update.

Plus, with these updates, you’ll be able to expand the future capability of your lighting network to solve new challenges and gain additional insight and management options for your facility. We make sure that the latest software features and updates for your SimplySNAP solution are available to you, with no additional charge.




 A smart, connected lighting system must have a robust mesh networking technology at its core. SimplySNAP's scalable architecture will allow you to start small and, as your needs grow, add additional controllers to manage larger areas or even more complex lighting needs.

Whether you’re managing lighting network for city park or dozens of city blocks, day-to-day operation and management of the SimplySNAP solution is straightforward thanks to a mobile-friendly browser-based user interface accessed via Ethernet, wi-fi, or an optional cellular connection.

Access from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone means your lighting system can be controlled or configured whenever needed, no matter how large or small via the SimplySNAP Remote Access service - all you need is an internet connection.

IoT Foundation

IoT connectivity, smart manufacturing and smart-connected cities promise to change the way a lighting system interacts with other systems. Lighting is on the IoT network edge and can be utilized to build a wireless network grid that offers connectivity options for emerging IoT applications.

Since SimplySNAP is built on SNAP: the Things Platform, you can get a head start on meeting these new standards now and prepare for future changes with a system that is easily upgradeable, provides a robust network infrastructure, and is designed to connect to Internet-based cloud services.

From parking lots and industrial facilities to smart factories and smart cities, SimplySNAP can transform how you control your lighting network, resulting in improved business processes and lower operating costs.