COMPLY with emerging energy regulations and local energy codes with SimplySNAP. National, state, and local governments as well as industry standards bodies are focusing new codes and regulations on incentivizing and enforcing energy conservation. In addition to these emerging standards, new measures are being adopted to ensure the security of IoT applications, including smart, connected lighting solutions. SimplySNAP meets these challenges and enables campus environments, industrial facilities, and municipal customers to rest assured that their lighting network will remain safe and secure while achieving energy savings.

Energy Mandates 

SimplySNAP is the premier smart lighting solution that stores power data, sends alerts, and logs critical events for maintenance and troubleshooting of your lighting network. With SimplySNAP you'll have the things necessary to monitor and validate your lighting network against new energy mandates.

SimplySNAP is compliant with many energy standards, including California Title 24. To meet these requirements, our solution provides daily schedule, zone control, and supports the de-facto industry standard for occupancy and ambient light sensor integration.



Energy Footprint

Making the switch to LED technology is an easy decision when you want to drive additional business value from your facility or site-lighting deployment. However, adding intelligent controls to your LED upgrade will further reduce your energy footprint and improve energy management.

Adding smart controls to LED lights increases energy savings by 20% - 30% through scheduling, motion and occupancy detection, and task tuning. The result is a hard dollar return-on-investment with a typical payback period of two to four years.




Based on SNAP: the Things Platform, SimplySNAP is built on a foundation that incorporates the latest IoT security trends and best practices so you can feel confident that your lighting network is safe and protected from outside intrusion. 

Synapse takes IoT security seriously by enlisting security experts from outside firms to test and verify our IoT solutions. Whether you’re trying to meet the strict  IT security requirements of your large industrial facility or manage a small, single location, you should rest assured that your lighting network meets today’s tough security requirements for IoT applications.