Synapse SM200PU1

Great module for low power consumption

Reliable connectivity and multi-hop, mesh networking capability with the robust surface mount module powered by  SNAP Network Operating System.

  • SPI, UART ports for control or transparent data
  • Low power modes: 0.37 μA with external interrupt 1.37 μA with internal timer running
  • Integrated U.FL connector
  • 128k flash, 58.5k free for over-the-air uploaded user apps
  • Up to 2500 ft LOS range
  • 250Kbps to 2Mbps radio data rate
  • 2.4GHz RF frequency
  • FCC, IC and CE certified
  • Spread spectrum (DSSS) technology
  • Small form factor surface mount
  • SNAP Network Operating System 




Click below to purchase the SM200PU1
Click below to purchase the SM200PU1
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