SNAP®: the Things Platform

    In product development, no one has ever said to take it slow. This is even more true when it comes to making your product smart and connected. A platform will give you a head start, and there are a lot of great IoT cloud platforms available, but they’re focused on data processing. Before you can trust the data processing, you have to be able to trust the data. Doing that poses even more questions. How will you connect your product? How do you develop the smarts? How will you deploy and manage it at scale? These challenges are specific to Things, and SNAP: the Things platform is how you overcome them.



    IoT connects the digital world to the physical world which can be complex, hazardous, and difficult to access. Our solution can be everywhere you can’t, reliably and securely transporting data to the cloud platform and back. 




    Not every decision in an IoT solution can be made in the cloud. IoT solutions distribute intelligence to the IoT cloud platform, to the IoT gateway as well as to the IoT device. With SNAP: the Things Platform an IoT solution can inject smarts into IoT gateways and IoT devices.



    Many IoT solutions show great promise on the lab bench, but fail to thrive when they meet the issues of the real world. SNAP: the Things Platform solves the real-world challenges of commissioning RF networks, scaling up the number of IoT devices per site and setting up the distributed intelligence upon install.



    IoT brings great potential of deep learning and advanced decision making due to unprecedented access to real-world data. This potential will never be realized unless that data is known to be reliable and secure. SNAP: the Things Platform brings visibility into the health of the data sources and manages the software of the IoT gateways and devices.



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