IoT solutions gather data from physical devices to be processed by large compute resources that in turn produce an action back into the physical world. The physical world presents many challenges including remote locations, dynamic obstacles, retro-fit deployments and even roadblocks from IT departments. SNAP: the Things Platform meets the challenges you face as you connect the physical world to the digital world.

Connect the Product

A smart, connected product starts with a sensor or actuator - where the digital meets the physical. However, your product is unique and your ideas about how to make it smart and connected are equally as unique.

You can embed SNAP RF Modules into a multitude of form factors and connect to a variety of sensor/actuator interface types to fit your specific product. SNAPcore gives you the unique ability to convert, interpret and even react to sensor data before it is ever sent upstream.

Transfer Data Wirelessly

In the physical world it's often technically infeasible, cost prohibitive or restricted to run wired power or wired networking. IoT devices struggle to reliably communicate across wireless networks in the face of obstacles such as terrain and foliage or metal walls and forklifts. 

SNAP RF Modules and SNAPconnect Gateways implement an auto-forming mesh network to overcome obstacles. Our SNAPcore and SNAPconnect software libraries make communicating with IoT devices in the edge network easy, even in challenging environments. 

Connect Remotely

The backhaul network facilitates the connection between the cloud and the gateway typically in the form of TCP/IP over a physical layer such as Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet or cellular.

The SNAPconnect Gateway bridges the edge network to the backhaul network of choice. 

Secure the Connection

An IoT hacker can attack from either the edge network or the backhaul network. An IoT solution must ensure the hacker doesn't gain access or control from either vector.

SNAP RF Modules and SNAPconnect Gateways encrypt traffic on the edge network using AES-128. You can use standard Linux security tools such as SSH and firewalls on the SNAPconnect Gateway to secure the backhaul network.


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