The IoT solution isn't complete upon install; it continues to provide value throughout its life. Changing conditions in the physical world sometimes cause unreliable data sources and failed IoT devices. In addition, you may discover you want to update the solution with some great new feature or really need to fix a bug. SNAP: the Things Platform gives you the tools to manage your smart, connected products after deployment.

Ensure Data Integrity

Decision-making algorithms depend upon the data being accurate and reliable to make the correct decisions. RF networks can drop traffic and IoT devices can fail causing unreliable data.



Detect Failed IoT Devices

IoT devices fail in the physical world for a variety of reasons such as dead batteries, RF interference or even physical destruction.


Upgrade IoT Device Software

Perhaps you find a bug or come up with an enhancement to your smart, connected product, but it is deeply embedded in the real world making it infeasible to upgrade directly.

You can remotely manage the IoT device software for the entire site the built-in over-the-air upgrade capabilities of SNAPcore.

Upgrade IoT Gateway Software

The IoT gateway also houses software that may need updating due to security, bugs or feature enhancements.

SNAPconnect Gateways provide Ubuntu Linux tools to manage their software.




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