As you investigate what it costs to make your product smart and connected, consider that installation issues are some of the largest hidden costs that occur after your solution is built and ready to deploy. The good news is that SNAP: the Things Platform doesn't stop at making your product smart and connected; it ensures it will be successful at scale.

Develop a Reliable Application

Unless development anticipates installation issues as part of the upfront design, the solution often undergoes tremendous churn after it is "done" to ensure it is reliable enough for mass deployment.



Commission the Edge Network

Installers face situations such as a large number of IoT devices or RF obstacles at each site that may require some tuning for optimal performance.

SNAPtoolbelt and Portal provide a variety of tools for rapid tuning such as edge network topology views, RF signal strength, trace routing, ping, etc..

Commission an IoT Device

As an IoT solution is installed, each IoT device must be added securely and with the correct application parameters to ensure it functions properly within the solution.

SNAPcore allows IoT devices to automatically yet securely join the edge network without setting up special routers or coordinators. You can use SNAPtoolbelt and Portal to setup IoT devices with the appropriate application parameters or you can develop an application using SNAPconnect that bakes in the commissioning.

Deploy the Software Applications

The software in an IoT solution is often distributed between the IoT device, gateway, cloud platform and enterprise application requiring the installer to install software on multiple platforms, often without physical access.

The SNAPconnect Gateway uses standard Ubuntu Linux tools such as apt-get for software management.


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