Synapse SNAPconnect E12 Gateway 

    All of the capabilities of yesterday's SNAPconnect E10 IoT Gateway, with tomorrow's features and functionality

    The SNAPconnect E12 Gateway is an embedded Ubuntu Linux computer with the flexibility to add custom or 3rd party software as needed for local databases, IoT platform clients, or other elements. It bridges SNAP edge networks over Ethernet or optional USB connectivity devices such as cell modems, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi adapters. 

    • SNAP mesh enabled RF
    • Ubuntu Linux OS allows custom software development
    • SNAPconnect enabled out of the box
    • uSD card expansion slot for system recovery, upgrades and storage
    • Wired Ethernet with additional connectivity and storage via USB

    Available in two models:

    • SCK012-010 (for North America)
    • SCK012-020 (for Europe)
    Click below to purchase the SCK012-020 
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