Company: McWane Ductile


Industry: Iron Ductile Pipe Manufacturing

The Challenge

McWane Ductile New Jersey (MDNJ) needed to reduce energy consumption due to ever increasing energy expenses. They began to research ways to improve their manufacturing plant's utility system.  After reviewing their energy expenses, it was clear that managing lighting costs was the greatest opportunity.  The facilities management team at MDNJ began investigating their options and determined the first step in lowering their lighting expenses was to replace the metal halide lights with LED fixtures. 

To further increase ROI, MDNJ decided to use lighting controls. The controls would allow them to toggle lights based upon occupancy levels and set schedules to eliminate wasted energy—further reducing electricity consumption.  Unfortunately, many lighting controls solutions require wires, extensive IT support and a dedicated server- driving up the cost to install and maintain the system.  In addition, the negative impact to operations and the construction cost during the installation period was a concern amongst the MDNJ facility management team.  

The Synapse Solution

While evaluating their options, the team learned about Synapse's wireless lighting controls.  These controls are wireless, fixture agnostic and designed for retrofit installation. The Synapse Wireless lighting control solution is also capable of operating with full functionality on its own network- meaning there's little dependence upon the IT department and no need for a dedicated server for the system to work.  As an added bonus, the Synapse lighting controls solution can manage both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures or banks of lights all from one integrated system.  

MDNJ elected to move forward with Synapse's Wireless Lighting Controls. They integrated the Synapse DIM10 series wireless lighting controller units with 90 LED fixtures throughout  the 180,000 square feet of their industrial facilities.  Additional units were also incorporated for use outdoors to light the pathways between buildings. The DIM10 controllers provided the MDNJ facility management staff a few key benefits:

  • The wireless design made the retrofit easier and cheaper to install
  • A reliable and robust mesh network necessary and ideal for the "busy" and fortified industrial, manufacturing setting
  • The ability to control indoor and outdoor fixtures with a single system

These units connect to a SNAP Lighting Gateway, providing easier control of the lights on-site or from any Internet enabled device and eliminating the need for a dedicated server. The technology enables MDNJ to:

  • Conserve energy using automated scheduling 
  • Override settings real time with manual adjustments
  • Gain granular control over banks of lights or individual fixtures with equal ease
  • Improve safety and security with motion controlled lighting 

The Results

The switch to LEDs with Synapse's wireless Lighting Controls now saves MDNJ over $100,000 USD a year in reduced energy consumption.  In addition, the system make it easier for the facilities staff to manage and maintain the lights within the buildings, providing more time for the team to boost productivity by addressing other priorities.