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Company: City of Kelowna

Industry: Municipal Government

The Goal

CNJ Lighting received a unique opportunity to help the city of Kelowna improve the lighting for the city’s Royal LePage Place Arena.  But for CNJ, this wasn’t just a simple lighting job.  They knew that the citizen’s love of hockey and skating made this area the heart of Kelowna—minor league hockey, public skating, televised junior hockey, and high school events, are just some of the activities held here.

CNJ’s goal was not only to reduce costs and increase energy savings by switching out the arena’s metal halide lights, but to also implement a solution that would provide granular control and enable custom lighting schedules to accommodate the variety of activities, to include dimming capability. They also wanted to improve light levels in the arena to enable HD-picture quality when games are aired on local TV stations.

The Synapse Solution

To give Kelowna the options they needed for the arena, CNJ decided to use Synapse’s SimplySNAP wireless lighting control system.  Sylvain Leone, from CNJ Lighting, recommended the system for several reasons.  “Beyond standard controls, Royal LePage really needed something that allowed for power monitoring and gave them the flexibility to add in sensors down the road if they wanted to. Since the venue is home to a variety of different events, they were seeking a solution that would provide them with scheduling capabilities – without complexity – and SimplySNAP provided that, and then some.”

Unlike other controls providers, SimplySNAP doesn’t require the use of a local WiFi network, which eliminates any communication downtime or control of the lights, should there be an interruption in the network. This was a big concern when large events were held, due to number of attendees who were accessing the arena’s public network. The staff at Royal LePage also appreciated the simplicity behind SimplySNAP’s user interface, as it was easy to use and maintain.

“The installation process with Synapse was clean and very simple,” said Sylvain. “The fact that just one SimplySNAP Gateway can host up to 500 lighting controllers means we can expand upon this installation at any time – with no interruptions of service or downtime. We can easily add controls to the outdoor lights, or adjacent buildings – and don’t have to worry about starting from scratch.”

The biggest win for CNJ and Kelowna came from the flexibility the controls gave.  “While it isn’t theatrical lighting, SimplySNAP’s ability to quickly switch among different lighting scenes makes it ideal for Kelowna’s ice rink.”  So whether it is a televised hockey game or just families enjoying an afternoon skating, the lights can be easily changed to fit the situation.

The Results

In the end, CNJ replaced 90 metal halide lights with LED lights controlled by SimplySNAP. The switch to LEDs alone reduced their electrical usage by 60%; by adding in the control solution, it jumped to 85%. The control savings primarily came from dimming the lights to 25% for almost 75% of the time – eliminating excess light and energy consumption during times when full brightness wasn’t needed.

Plus, all of the citizens of Kelowna now enjoy all of their local community events in a better light.