Company: City of Dothan


Industry: Municipal Government

The Goal

Randy Morris, the General Services Director for the City of Dothan, Alabama had a problem with lights.  The city recently swapped out the lights around the civic center with energy efficient LEDs, but Morris didn’t have an easy way to take advantage of the dimming functionality of the LEDs.  He needed a simple solution for dimming and controlling his lights.

The Synapse Solution

Morris decided to use Synapse’s SimplySNAP lighting control solution to meet his city’s needs.  The flexibility of the DIM10 series lighting controllers allowed for easy installation—from their brand-new LED parking lights and sidewalk lights to the spotlight on the flags outside of the city’s civic center.

All of the controllers talk to a SimplySNAP gateway that serves as the “brains” of the lighting control system.  To make it easy to control the lights, municipal employees just have to connect to the gateway using an Internet-enable device, whether it is a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.  Once connected they can:

  • Set up schedule for when the lights turn on or off
  • Check the status of all the lights connected to the system
  • Gain easy, centralized control of all connected lights—no matter where they are in the city

The Results

Morris found SimplySNAP to be “a reliable, economical solution that was easy to install, simple to manage and adaptable enough for us to expand into adjacent facilities when the time is right. The user interface allows for immediate status updates of our lights and we can make quick schedule changes whenever we need to from a mobile device.”