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Company: Brownsville Toyota

Industry: Car Dealership

The Goal

Lights serve as an important part of a car dealership's presence.  They enhance the presentation of the vehicles in the evening, and they act as a vital deterrent from those pondering the merits of grand theft auto.

When Brownsville Toyota was being constructed, they had to meet Gulf States Toyota's new energy efficiency program.  In order to meet the energy efficiency program's requirements, the team working on the lighting design, Metro Electric of Brownsville, realized that in addition to switching to LED lights, they could gain additional energy savings by using a lighting control system.  The only question that remained was, "Which one?"

The Synapse Solution

In the end, Metro Electric of Brownsville decided to use SimplySNAP lighting control solution to enhance the energy savings for Brownsville Toyota.  They installed TL5-B1 twist lock controllers on 116 lighting fixtures in Brownsville Toyota's parking lot.  With the controllers in place, each fixture can communicate with the SimplySNAP gateway, which provides quick and easy access to the lights through WiFi-enabled smartphones or computers.

By installing the system, Metro Electric gave Brownsville Toyota the ability to easily set dimming levels and schedules to maximize the energy savings potential of the dealership's LED fixtures.

The Results

"The new facility's electric bill is anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 cheaper each month (than what was paid for the same service at their previous building)", shared Ricardo Garcia, Parts and sErvices Director at Brownsville Toyota. As a 26-year Toyota veteran, Garcia is familiar with making improvements and increasing efficiency without sacrificing quality.

But for Garcia, it is more than the cost savings. When asked about which feature in SimplySNAP that he likes best, Ricardo said: "I love that I can use my smart phone to control the lights. I can be in a car in the [dealership] parking lot and control the lights. It's better than having to go into the building and flipping switches left and right...To me that's pretty cool."