Synapse's TL5-B1 Smart Lighting Controller

Adaptable, reliable and simple wireless lighting controls that work. 

Reducing power consumption and optimizing energy efficiency used to be an afterthought for those in the lighting and energy industries.  But today's industrial and commerical customers, such as facilities managers, specifiers, contractors, etc. are looking for ways to save on energy costs both before and after the lights are installed.

That's why Synapse's  TL5-B1 smart lighting controller is ideal for today's lighting professional.  The controller is fixture agnostic and can be integrated at either the OEM level or post-customer purchase.  Its wireless mesh networking capability reduces installation costs as no wiring required, making it ideal for retrofit as well as new construction.  

The utility grade product has an integrated photocell and functions as part of the SimplySNAP Smart Lighting Solution- which is an on-site lighting control system that requires no separate dedicated server or internet, accelerating your ROI.

View the TL5-B1 Cut Sheet here.                                                                                    TL5-B1-100-350325-edited.png